UW Medicine | Provider Search Result Cards

Business Goal

Create an experience that enables potential patients to easily search for, select and book an appointment with a provider.

User Story

As a potential patient of UW Medicine, I would like to 1) easily search for a provider I can trust, 2) quickly vet his/her credentials and 3) view contact information readily, so that I can call a location where the provider practices or book online to make an appointment.

My Impact

I re-designed the search results view for provider search as the sole UX/UI resource assigned to the project.


  • Wireframing

  • Evaluative user testing of the results display

  • High-fidelity UI design

  • Participation in all Agile ceremonies as an embedded member of the development team

  • UX/UI review before code release

Redesigned elements of the experience included:

  • Responsive, deep preview card results that surface core contact information and appointing actions for prospective and current patients

Design Goals

  • How can we make the interface more useful by prioritizing the information users seek and providing a deep preview about a particular provider?

  • How could we make the interface more actionable by providing opportunities for user to not only find information they seek, but appoint and act on it?

  • How can we reduce the visual clutter and make the information more scannable?