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Meet me, in pixels and bytes.


I mobilize empathy, efficiency of design and economy of effort to craft solutions that enrich the lives of users by bringing harmony to the intersection of needs and information.

Constantly Curious

I am driven to understand how human behavior impacts the motivation to act and how I can build experiences around those key actions.

Systems Thinker

I approach UX/UI from a systems discipline. I am drawn to rethink the “how” and “why” of information flows — stepping back to understand the barriers and hallmarks of effective experiences within them.

Cross-Vertical Experience

I have worked in the education, technology and healthcare sectors architecting, optimizing and designing experiences for 5+ years. 

The pursuit of knowledge drew me cross-country from Minneapolis to the University of Washington where I earned a degree in Digital Media specializing in user experience research, strategy and design.

Key Skills

  • UX/UI design

  • UX strategy

  • Information architecture

  • Mental model mapping (taxonomy development)

  • User flow mapping/analysis

  • Wireframing

  • Persona/archetype development

  • Remote and moderated user research

  • Survey design

  • Stakeholder alignment

  • Auditing experiences for performance and accessibility